Anazao Creative Co.
Anazao Creative Co.
Photo by  Kelley Raye

Photo by Kelley Raye


Christen was born in Ellijay, Georgia and has always appreciated the style, grace and authenticity of small towns. Her style is heavily influenced by her always put together grandmothers, Florence & Betty. Her work ethic hails from a long line of hard working farmers and business owners, most notably, her dad and pawpaw, and her love for beauty, process and problem solving come from her fiery, hospitable mom.

Anazao is a Greek word meaning revive or live again. The start of Anazao Creative Co. in 2015 was a rebirth of sorts for Christen and also signifies what she hopes to bring to clients through her work - whether it be by way of creative direction, styling or planning event logistics. She's a huge believer in the notion of created order and works to bring ideas and projects to life by building a well thought out plan that allows space for maximum creative input. 

Before making the move to Nashville and starting Anazao Creative Co., Christen began her career with a brief time in stunning southern California as a human resources recruiter. She then lived in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia for 10 years working as a Marketing Consultant for Chick-fil-A, Inc., Resources Manager for sixstepsrecords and most recently, Director of Experience at Passion City Church.

Christen has a soft spot in her heart for New York City, Southern California, London, England and Johnny Cash. She has a passion for excellence, TEAM, continuous improvement, creating welcoming spaces and always has a song in her head.